Open Cell Foam is foam in which the cells that make up the product are not as tightly interlaced as Closed Cell Foam. This makes the foam better for insulation than fiberglass, but not as insulated as Closed Cell. For personal projects and residences Open Cell foam insulation is the most common choice for consumers.


Closed Cell is a more insulated variety of foam compared to Open Cell foam. The cells that make up the insulation are tightly packed together and entrap gas within the cells. That leads to the foam expanding more thoroughly throughout the insulated object and providing greater insulation protection. Closed Cell foam is denser than Open Cell foam, which makes it heavier and more is needed to insulate an area.




While sandbags are the traditional solution to keep water from running down trenches, sandbags pose a number of problems. First, if the trench is narrow, you have to spend time and money widening it. Then there’s the time consumed by filling up bags, transporting them and hauling them over to the trench.

Advantage Foam Insulation LLC has a far easier solution for trench breaker applications. Utilizing the latest in spray foam insulation technology, our experts can prepare a trench breaker in minutes, conformed to any shape or condition the application requires. Our spray foam expands 120 times per second, forming a watertight barrier that won’t break down over time. It’s also environmentally friendly, containing no CFCs, formaldehyde or ozone depleting agents.


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